Water & Sanitation

IRDF believes that safe water is a basic human right. According to the UN, each day, 1,000 children die due to preventable water and sanitation-related diarrhea and related diseases. In order to provide safe water and sanitation, IRDF maintain the following objectives


  •  access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities
  •  To improve community awareness on personal hygiene and Sanitation
  •  Advocacy for access to existing government facilities on health and sanitation.
  •  To ensure pre and post natal care of mothers including safe delivery by skilled birth attendant

IRDF has been working three specific projects with the help of non-government agencies and international donors:

  • Tube well (Deep and Sami Deep)
  • Water Tank
  • Toilet and Hygiene
    Your small donation can help the poor people to get safe drinking water.