Water & Sanitation

IRDF Believes That Safe Water Is a Basic Human Right. According To The UN, Each Day, 1,000 Children Die Due to Preventable Water and Sanitation-Related Diarrhea and Related Diseases. In Order to Provide Safe Water and Sanitation, IRDF Maintain The Following Objectives

  • Access To Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Facilities
  • To Improve Community Awareness on Personal Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Advocacy For Access to Existing Government Facilities on Health and Sanitation.
  • To Ensure Pre and Post-Natal Care Of Mothers Including Safe Delivery By Skilled Birth Attendant

IRDF Has Been Working Three Specific Projects with The Help of Non-Government Agencies And International Donors:

  • Tube-Well (Deep and Sami Deep)
  • Water Tank
  • Toilet And Hygiene

IRDF has been working three specific projects with the help of non-government agencies and international donors:

  • Tube well (Deep and Sami Deep)
  • Water Tank
  • Toilet and Hygiene
    Your small donation can help the poor people to get safe drinking water.