House # 1/1, Balatari, Lalmonirhat

Orphan & Widow Care

Orphan and widows are the two most vulnerable in the world. They require a safe environment to grow and live in. Most of the prominent world religions encourage taking care of orphans and widows. Prophet Mohammad (Saw) Himself was an orphan and loved orphan. He taught his followers to help orphans and widows. Through the orphan & widow care program IRDF provides food, water, clothing, shelter, medical care and education support. 

  • Clothe hundreds of orphans
  • Feed orphanages for months
  • Give treatment to the severely or terminally sick
  • Keep the heat on in orphanages over the winter
  • Improve livelihoods in schools by building more classrooms
  • Provide opportunities for more children to receive proper education
  • Boost the morale of villages by building better homes
  • Put widows at ease who worry about feeding their children