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Climate Change

The word ‘Climate Change has become a common word In academic, political & social forums due to its severe consequences. To put it another way, The conscious section of the world population raises voices against global warming.

Bangladesh is exceptionally vulnerable to climate change. The nation is in danger due to its inadequate infrastructure, low elevation and high population density. Moreover, 60% population is still reliant on farming. In past, Bangladeshi people used migration as a survival way from disasters, floods and extreme weather. However, the scenario has changed rapidly due to climate change. More people are being driven from their homes and land by more frequent and severe hazards. Natural disasters such as storms, cyclones, drought, erosion, landslides, flooding salinization and most importantly sea level rise are already displacing significant numbers of people.

Environmentalists predicted that by 2050, one out of seven Bangladeshi will be displaced because of climate change, and sea-level rise alone will cause more than 17 million people displacement. To keep this devastating scenario in mind, IRDF has been working for the environment since its inception. IRDF normally initiates four types of programs:

  • Tree Plantation Campaign
  • Distribution of Tree
  • Awareness campaign for forest protection
  • Organizing seminar and workshops on environment