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Who We Are

Integrated Rural Development Foundation – IRDF Is a Non-Government, Non-Profit and Non-Political Local Development Organization Established In 1998. IRDF Started Its Journey On 1 January 1998 to Help The Poor And Meritorious Students In The Locality Through Distribution Of Books, Clothes And Other Accessories Among Them Under The Leadership Of The Present Founder & Chief Executive Along With Some Young Energetic And Committed Youths. The Organization Was Solidified Later on To Meet Up The Increasing Demand With An Aim To Contribute And Promote Development Through Upgrading The Socio-Economic Condition Of The Disadvantaged And The Under-Privileged People In The Society. Since Its Inception, IRDF Remains Committed and Sincere to Ensure The Rights Of The Women, Children, And Adolescent, Disabled People Of The Society. Over The Years, IRDF Has Undertaken Number of Programs And Projects In Response To Need Of The Society And Target People In Order To Improve Their Socio-Economic Condition.

IRDF Vision, Mission & Goal

IRDF Vision


To Build a Nation Where Social Justice, Equity And Human Dignity Are Ensured

IRDF Mission

Our Mission Is to Empower The Ignored Section of The Society to Play An Active Role In Establishing Compassionate And Dignified Nation



Ensure Equality And Opportunity to The Underprivileged by Providing Equal Rights, Equal Access To All Resources, And Full Participation In Nation-Building Activities.

IRDF Working Area

We work throughout the country, for all and everyone

“The best deposit is the helping hand given to pooR”

Md. Reazul Haque Patwari

Founder & Executive Director, IRDF