Background Information

Integrated Rural Development Foundation – IRDF Is a Non-Government, Non-Profit and Non-Political Local Development Organization Established In 1998. IRDF Started Its Journey On 1 January 1998 to Help The Poor And Meritorious Students In The Locality Through Distribution Of Books, Clothes And Other Accessories Among Them Under The Leadership Of The Present Founder & Chief Executive Along With Some Young Energetic And Committed Youths. The Organization Was Solidified Later on To Meet Up The Increasing Demand With An Aim To Contribute And Promote Development Through Upgrading The Socio-Economic Condition Of The Disadvantaged And The Under-Privileged People In The Society. Since Its Inception, IRDF Remains Committed and Sincere to Ensure The Rights Of The Women, Children, And Adolescent, Disabled People Of The Society. Over The Years, IRDF Has Undertaken Number of Programs And Projects In Response To Need Of The Society And Target People In Order To Improve Their Socio-Economic Condition.

We work throughout the country, for all and everyone

Strategies & Objectives

Integrated Rural Development Foundation (IRDF) Primarily Aids and Facilitates Those Who Are Socially & Financially Under Privileged Via The Process Of Awareness, Training And Necessary Resources. IRDF Believes in Inclusiveness Irrespective of Caste, Creed and Color. We Take a Comprehensive Approach in The Process of Development Where Everyone’s Needs Take into Consideration. In Order to Empower Poor and Destitute, IRDF Maintains The Following Objectives. 

  • To Eliminate Illiteracy Through The Adoption Of Non-Formal Education Programs
  • To Organize Primary Health Care Programs for Poor Child, Adolescent, And Women.
  • To Facilitate Women Empowerment in The Wider Section of The Society.
  • To Organize Necessary Programs for Youth Development
  • To Initiate Various Programs for The Protection of Environmental Degradation and Climate Change.
  • To Aid and Provide Technical Support and Modern Technologies for Uneducated and Poor Farmers.
  • To Provide and Ensure Safe and Pure Drinking Water & Sanitation Programs for Poor People.
  • To Undertake Various Rehabilitation Programs for Orphan and Widows.
  • To Support Emergency Disaster Crisis & Floods
  • To Improve The Economic Status Of The Youth Through Capacity Building, Skills Development And Income Generating Activities (Igas).